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Digital marketing is often ‘out of reach‘ for most small businesses in Baltimore due to cost and technical difficulty. Heitz Digital has set out to flip the digital marketing industry on it’s head. Use our free marketing tools to get a boost today.


Learn how to build and optimize your website to win online


Learn how to optimize your website for search engines and visitors

Email Marketing

Learn how to maximize your email marketing newsletter outreachย 

Social Media

Learn how to leverage the reach of social media to gain new clients

Online Reviews

Learn how online reviews can help your businesses reputation

Local Listings

Learn how business directories help you claim your company identity

Free Marketing Tools

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Heitz Digital is dedicated to helping Baltimore businesses succeed online with absolutley free digital marketing resources and information.

Learn how to get your company more website traffic and profits with free digital marketing tips and resources.

free marketing tools
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A big part of digital marketing is making sure your website is optimized for search engines. Optimizing your website helps you ranking higher and get more traffic which turns into more customers and clients.

Use our free website audit tool to find all issues with your website in a detailed report so you can fix them. After fixing the issues simply resubmit your site to Google and enjoy better ranking and website traffic.

Free Online Review Scan

See what people are saying

Digital marketing extends to all corners of the internet. Online reviews are playing a bigger and bigger role in your online success.

Use our free online review scan tool to get a comprehensive report on your business review profile.

free online review scan
Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!

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We encourge you to submit an application to become a contributor here at Heitz Digital. If you are an experienced digital marketer and want to share your knowledge with our audience apply now.

All applications will be manually reviewed. Once approved, all content submitted will be manually approved for quality, context and depth of knowledge.

We will NOT allow:

  • spammy content
  • low quality content
  • self promoting content
  • content with malicious code or intent
  • any content deemed unacceptable by our staff

If content is rejected there will be no notification or explanation. It simply will not be posted. Content review typically takes 72 hours. If you do not see your content after that time period it most likely will not be posted.

You may re-submit an edited version of the content but, that still does not guarantee it being posted.

Free Marketing Tools

Use our free marketing tools like an SEO Audit or Review Audit to get an edge. Then explore our free marketing ideas and subscribe to our free marketing tips newsletter.



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Startup is like driving a manual car you should be know when to change the gear.

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