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Do you know what people are saying about your business? If not, you can find out right now with this free review scan tool by HD Marketing. The tool will scan top review sites and pull back a complete report so you can see what has already been said.

Once you get the report you will want to start getting positive reviews for your business. Be sure to also respond to ALL reviews, good or bad, once you have the report. This will require creating accounts at each review site.

You may also want to run a free SEO website scan to make sure your website is the best it can be.


Why Should I Care About Reviews?


Reviews are one of the most important signals your potential clients receive. Potential customers are leaning on the experience and opinions of your past customers and clients.

Having a bad online review profile may not reflect the overall sentiment of your customers. Negative reviews are most commonly recieved without asking. Positive reviews have to be actively requested. Sometimes repeatedly asking is necessary.

Free Online Review Audit

Step One


After inputting your business name, zip code and business phone number the review scan tool will find reviews on sites with that information.

You will be presented with potential matches for your business profile. Simply select the review sites that match as much information as is possible.

Once you have selected or deselected the appropriate profiles just click “continue” to move on to the next step.

Free Review Audit

Step two


The second step is to enter your name, email and phone number so the report can be sent to you and followed up by online review experts.


Free Review Audit Report

Understanding The Review Report


The first page of the report gives you an overview of your online review profile. It shows you issues like:

  • review coverage
  • review activity
  • customer sentiment
  • missing profiles
  • unrated profiles

It also includes an aggregate star rating, an overall average rating, rating distribution and estimated ratings by number of stars.

Free Review Audit Report

Page two


The second page of the review report includes:

  • Total Reviews
  • Reviews by Distribution
  • Social Checkins
  • Listing Strength

This information gives you a much deeper insight into the overall rating and sentiment of your reviewers. It also helps you to create a plan on where to get new, positive reviews to increase your overall rating.


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