The Evolution Of A Company

The Birth of a Digital Marketing Company

charles heitz

Charles “CJ” Heitz, Founder and President of Heitz Digital, LLC, D.B.A. – HD Marketing

Humble beginnings for Heitz Digital

Nearly a decade ago we began as a small, lowly SEO company called Renegade SEO by CJ. It grew rapidly and soon, with clients all around the World, CJ quit his job and started an official SEO company called Gold Medal SEO.

After many years of only doing SEO, we found that many of clients were in serious need of a reputable web designer that could actually optimize a website. Our clients spoke and we listened. With the addition of website design, we rebranded to Heitz Digital, LLC.

Over the years we realized that our name “Heitz” was not only hard to pronounce (pronouced heights) but was also hard to remember and spell.

This causes problems when it comes to ranking in search engines. We finally rebranded to HD Marketing. Which stands for Heitz Digital Marketing.

Below you’ll find some screen shots of the websites that started this company. Boy! We’ve come a long way!

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Our President and Founder, Charles Heitz has his own personal blog where he shares tips and help for all digital marketers and insights into entreprenuership. You can follow him on social media as well.




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Once we rebranded from Heitz Digital to HD Marketing a entirely new web presence was in order. We launched our HD Marketing site along with all required marketing assets with great success. We now offer a full compliment of digital marketing services to help small and medium sized businesses succeed.



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We repurposed the main company website heitzdigital.com to be a one stop, free resource to businesses that are just getting started or who need to polish up on there digital marketing knowledge. We are dedicated to your success and provide a large array of resources to make that happen.

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